Broad River Greenway

2023 Events

YOGA at the River

11:00 a.m.
 (May 14, July 9, September 10, November 12)

Explore the wonderful world of yoga surrounded by the beauty of Broad River.  Bring your own mat, meet at the large picnic shelter in front of the Ranger Station.   See you at the river



Meet Me At The River Work Day

September 9, 2023
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

🍂 Embrace the Beauty of Fall on Our Trails! 🍁

As the vibrant colors of autumn paint the landscape, join us in celebrating this magical season on the trails of our beloved Greenway. Get ready to immerse yourself in the crisp air, the rustling leaves, and the joy of giving back to our green spaces.

🌬️ Weather-Ready Attire: Dress appropriately for the season and the outdoors. Layer up in weather-appropriate clothing to stay warm and comfortable as you engage in fulfilling activities amidst nature’s grandeur. Don’t forget to wear closed-toe shoes, ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout your volunteer journey.

🛠️ Be Ready to Work: While we encourage you to bring your work clothes, we have some available for those in need. Our workdays involve various tasks, including litter pick-up, removing invasive plants, and pruning vines and limbs encroaching on our precious trails. By joining hands and investing our time and energy, we can preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.

🌿 Ideal for Groups and Individuals: Calling all scouts, church groups, civic organizations, and nature enthusiasts alike! This is a remarkable opportunity to make a difference in our green spaces and foster a sense of community. Together, we can enhance the trails and ensure their sustainability for future generations to enjoy.

🆓 Volunteer Incentive: As a token of our appreciation, the first 20 volunteers will receive a complimentary Meet Me at the River T-shirt. Wear it with pride and let it serve as a symbol of your dedication to preserving and nurturing our natural wonders.

Join us this fall and lend a helping hand to the trails that have given us so much joy. Together, we’ll make a meaningful impact on our environment while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the season.

🌳🍂🌲 Embrace the spirit of volunteerism and the wonders of autumn on our Greenway trails. We look forward to your presence and the positive change we’ll create together. Let’s celebrate fall and leave a lasting legacy of care and stewardship for our green spaces. See you on the trails! 🍁🌿🌳

5K / 10Mile Trail Race

2019 10 Mile Runners

October 7, 2022
8:00 a.m. 

Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome 🙂
NO DAY OF REGISTRATION – Packet pickup will be last chance to register
10 MILE and 5k STARTS 8:00 A.M.
Chip start so you can start your race once you have your chipped bib.
$25 advance registration
$30 day Packet Pick-up (T-shirt not guaranteed).
NO day of registration

🏃 Join us for the Broad River Trail Run on October 7, 2022! 🍂

Get ready for an exhilarating day of running amidst the picturesque beauty of the Broad River Greenway. Lace up your shoes, leash up your well-behaved dogs, and be prepared for an unforgettable experience on our natural surface trails.

📅 Event Details: Date: October 7, 2022 Time: 8:00 a.m. Location: Ranger Station, 126 Broad River Road, Boiling Springs, NC

🐾 Pet-Friendly Event: We welcome well-behaved dogs on leashes to join the fun! Bring your furry companions along for a memorable adventure on the trails.

📝 Registration Information:

  • Advanced Registration: $25
  • Packet Pickup Registration (T-shirt not guaranteed): $30
  • No day-of registration available

Secure your spot by registering in advance on our RunSignUp page
Broad River Greenway Trail Run October


🏃 Race Start: Both the 10-mile and 5K races will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. The chip start system allows you to begin your race as soon as you receive your chipped bib.


10-Mile Course: Embark on an epic journey through the captivating trails of the Greenway. Starting at the Ranger Station, the course takes you along the River Trail, Birch Trail, Jolly Mtn Trail, Wild Turkey Trail, Flint Hill, College Farm, Cul-de-sac, Ellis Farm, Sandy Run Trail, and back to the River Trail, finishing at the Ranger Station.

5K Course: For those seeking a shorter distance, the 5K course offers a scenic run along the River Trail. Participants will run 1.5 miles upstream, then turn around and return along the same trail. Chip distribution will start at 9:00 a.m., and participants will begin as soon as they receive their chips.

🎽 Packet Pick-Up: Don’t forget to collect your race packet on October 6, 2022, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Ranger Station. This is your last chance to register, so make sure to arrive on time. Please note that T-shirt availability is not guaranteed for packet pick-up registration.

The Broad River Greenway is a remarkable 1500-acre preserve managed by a non-profit Board, dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the area. The race course showcases the splendor of our green spaces, offering runners a unique and captivating experience.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to run, connect with nature, and support the preservation of our green spaces. Join us for the Broad River Trail Run and become a part of the #BRG community. See you at the starting line!

🌿🏞️🏃 #BroadRiverTrailRun #NCOutdoors #NCTRails #APlaceForAllSeasons


Year Of The Trail Celebration

October 21 and 22, 2023

Bird Watching
Date: October 21, 2023
Time: 7:00 a.m.
Location: Broad River Greenway- Phifer Cabin

🐦 Join us for a Spectacular Bird Watching Event at Broad River Greenway! 🌿

Calling all nature enthusiasts and bird lovers! Prepare to be mesmerized by the avian wonders that grace the Broad River Greenway. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of birdwatching and discover the diverse species that call our green spaces home.

👀 Bring Your Binoculars: If you have binoculars, be sure to bring them along to enhance your birdwatching experience. These essential tools will allow you to observe the beauty and details of each feathered visitor up close. If you don’t have binoculars, no worries! We will have some available for use during the event.

📚 Field Birding Guides: If you have a field birding guide, feel free to bring it along. These guides provide valuable information about different bird species, their habitats, and distinct characteristics. They can serve as a handy reference as you identify and learn more about the birds you encounter. Don’t worry if you don’t have one—our experienced guides will be there to provide information and answer any questions you may have.

🌿 Explore the Broad River Greenway: As we embark on our birdwatching adventure, we’ll navigate the scenic trails of the Broad River Greenway. This vast preserve offers a variety of habitats, from woodlands to wetlands, providing a rich environment for a wide array of bird species. Prepare to be amazed as we spot colorful songbirds, majestic raptors, and other fascinating feathered creatures along the way.

🦜 Expert Guidance and Knowledge: Our event will be led by a knowledgeable birdwatching experts who will share their insights and help identify the various species we encounter. They will provide valuable information about bird behaviors, habitats, and the importance of conservation efforts in preserving their populations. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a beginner, this event promises to be an educational and enriching experience for all.

🌳 Preserve and Protect: As we explore and enjoy the Greenway, let’s remember to respect and preserve the natural habitat of our avian friends. Stay on designated trails, refrain from disturbing nests or natural habitats, and adhere to any guidelines provided by our expert guides.

📢 Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of birdwatching at the Broad River Greenway. Experience the joy of spotting and learning about our feathered companions while surrounded by the beauty of nature. Join us for this memorable event and become part of the vibrant birdwatching community!

🐦🌿👀 #BirdWatchingEvent #BroadRiverGreenway #NatureExploration

Adventure of a Lifetime:  Getting Ready
October 21, 2023
2:00 p.m.
Phifer Cabin – Broad River Greenway

🌿 Let Us Help You Prepare for an Epic Long-Distance Hike: Appalachian Trail or Mountains to Sea! 🚶‍♂️🌄

Embarking on a long-distance hike like the Appalachian Trail or Mountains to Sea is a thrilling adventure that requires careful preparation. Let our experienced team guide you through the process of getting ready for this incredible journey into the heart of nature. From physical training to gear selection and mental preparedness, we’ve got you covered.

🏔️ Physical Training: Preparing your body for the rigors of a long-distance hike is essential. Consider the following tips:

  1. Start early: Begin a training regimen several months before your planned hike to gradually build up your endurance and strength.
  2. Hiking practice: Incorporate regular hikes, preferably on varied terrain, to simulate the conditions you’ll encounter on the trail.
  3. Cardiovascular exercises: Engage in activities like running, cycling, or swimming to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Strength training: Focus on exercises that target your legs, core, and upper body to enhance your overall strength and stability.
  5. Flexibility and balance: Incorporate stretching, yoga, or Pilates to improve your flexibility and balance, reducing the risk of injuries on the trail.

🎒 Gear Selection: Choosing the right gear is crucial for a successful long-distance hike. Consider these recommendations:

  1. Backpack: Invest in a comfortable, well-fitting backpack with proper support and ample storage capacity.
  2. Shelter: Research and select a lightweight tent or hammock suitable for the specific trail and weather conditions you’ll encounter.
  3. Sleeping system: Choose a sleeping bag and sleeping pad that provide warmth, insulation, and comfort during nights on the trail.
  4. Footwear: Invest in high-quality, properly fitted hiking boots or trail shoes to protect your feet and provide stability and traction.
  5. Clothing: Opt for moisture-wicking, breathable layers that are appropriate for the expected weather conditions. Don’t forget to include rain gear and insulation layers.

🧠 Mental Preparedness: Long-distance hiking requires mental fortitude and resilience. Consider these strategies to prepare your mind:

  1. Research and planning: Study the trail thoroughly, including maps, elevation profiles, and potential challenges to mentally prepare yourself.
  2. Setting realistic expectations: Understand that long-distance hiking can be physically and emotionally demanding. Embrace the journey and be prepared for both the highs and lows.
  3. Developing a positive mindset: Cultivate a mindset of flexibility, adaptability, and gratitude. Embrace the unknown and embrace the beauty of nature’s surprises along the trail.
  4. Mental resilience exercises: Practice mindfulness, meditation, or other techniques to build mental resilience and cope with challenging situations.
  5. Connect with the hiking community: Seek out fellow hikers, join online forums, or attend local events to connect with experienced hikers who can provide support, advice, and inspiration.

📚 Educate Yourself: Research extensively about the trail you’re planning to hike. Familiarize yourself with its unique characteristics, rules, and regulations. Study trail guides, consult experienced hikers, and attend workshops or classes to enhance your knowledge and preparedness.

Remember, long-distance hiking is an adventure of a lifetime. Proper preparation, physical training, gear selection, and mental readiness are key to enjoying the journey to the fullest. Embrace the beauty of the Appalachian Trail or Mountains to Sea and create memories that will last a lifetime!

🌄🚶‍♂️ #LongDistanceHiking #AppalachianTrail #MountainsToSea #AdventureBound

Fishing 101 

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Day on the Water
Date: October 22, 2023
Time: 8:00 a.m.

🎣 Fishing 101: Unlock the Secrets to a Successful Day on the Water! 🌊🐟

Join us for a hands-on learning event where you’ll dive into the art of fishing and gain valuable tips and tricks for a rewarding and successful day on the water. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or an experienced angler looking to refine your skills, our Fishing 101 workshop is designed to enhance your fishing prowess.

📅 Event Details: Date: October 22, 2023
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Location: Broad River Greenway
Northside beach area

🎣 Learn From the Experts: Our workshop will be led by seasoned anglers who possess a wealth of fishing knowledge and experience. They’ll share their expertise, demonstrate techniques, and provide guidance to help you improve your fishing skills.

⭐ Hands-on Learning Experience: Get ready to roll up your sleeves and engage in a hands-on fishing experience. We’ll cover a range of topics, including:

  1. Essential fishing equipment: Explore the different types of fishing rods, reels, lines, and hooks, and learn how to select the right gear for your target species.
  2. Bait selection and presentation: Discover the art of choosing the right bait and learn various techniques for bait presentation to entice fish effectively.
  3. Casting techniques: Master the art of casting, including overhead casting, sidearm casting, and roll casting. Practice your accuracy and distance to improve your chances of a successful catch.
  4. Knot tying: Learn to tie essential fishing knots such as the improved clinch knot, palomar knot, and loop knots to ensure secure connections between your line, hook, and lures.
  5. Fish identification and behavior: Explore the characteristics and behaviors of different fish species, enabling you to understand their habitats, feeding patterns, and preferred fishing methods.
  6. Catch and release practices: Understand the importance of responsible fishing and learn proper catch and release techniques to help preserve fish populations for future generations.

🌊 Embrace the Thrill of Fishing: Fishing is not just about catching fish—it’s a journey of connection with nature and the thrill of the chase. During our workshop, we’ll emphasize the enjoyment of being out on the water, the serenity of the surroundings, and the camaraderie shared among fellow anglers.

🎣 Gear and Equipment: We’ll provide fishing equipment for the workshop, but if you have your own gear, feel free to bring it along. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable clothing suitable for a day on the water.

💡 Expand Your Fishing Horizons: No matter your experience level, our Fishing 101 workshop aims to enhance your fishing skills, deepen your understanding of the sport, and provide you with the tools for a successful day on the water. Join us for this exciting event and unlock the secrets to becoming a more accomplished angler.

🌊🐟 #Fishing101 #SuccessfulFishing #HandsOnLearning #AnglersUnite

Empowering Women on the Trail

Date: October 29, 2023
2:00 p.m.

🌿 Join Our Trail Preparedness Workshop: Empowering Women on the Trail! 🚶‍♀️💪

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling hiking adventure? Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or new to the trail, our Trail Preparedness Workshop is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and empower you as a woman on the trail. Let’s explore safety, preparation for long-distance hiking, and celebrate the strength of women in the great outdoors.

📅 Workshop Details:

Date: October 29, 2023
Time: 2:00 p.m
.Location: Phifer Cabin, Broad River Greenway

🔒 Safety on the Trail: We believe safety is of utmost importance. During the workshop, we’ll dive into key safety practices for hiking. Learn about:

  • Essential safety gear and how to use it effectively.
  • Navigational tools, including maps, compasses, and GPS devices.
  • How to plan and communicate your hiking itinerary.
  • Wildlife awareness and respectful encounters with animals.
  • Emergency protocols and what to do in various situations.

💡 Preparation for Long-Distance Hiking: Long-distance hiking requires proper preparation. Gain insights into:

  • Physical conditioning and training tips to build endurance.
  • Selecting suitable gear, including backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags.
  • Food and water considerations for extended hikes.
  • Techniques for packing efficiently and reducing the weight of your gear.
  • Planning for resupplies and managing logistics on longer trails.

🚶‍♀️ Empowering Women on the Trail: As women on the trail, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate our strength and resilience. In this workshop, we’ll discuss:

  • Inspiring stories of women adventurers and trailblazers.
  • Addressing common concerns and challenges faced by women on the trail.
  • Building confidence and developing a positive mindset in the outdoors.
  • Creating a supportive community of fellow women hikers.
  • Strategies for self-care and staying connected with nature.

✨ Embrace the Trail with Confidence: Our Trail Preparedness Workshop aims to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to embark on unforgettable hiking journeys. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or joining a group, we want to support you in embracing the trail with confidence and celebrating the empowerment that comes from exploring the great outdoors.

🚶‍♀️💪 Join us at our Trail Preparedness Workshop and connect with fellow women adventurers who share your passion for hiking. Let’s learn, grow, and empower each other as we embark on incredible outdoor adventures together!

🌿 #TrailPreparednessWorkshop #WomenOnTheTrail #EmpoweredHikers #NatureBound

Enchanted Forest
Date: November 4, 2023
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Last tour departs at 8:45 p.m.

The Enchanted Forest is a Gardner Webb community service project designed to entertain and educate kids age 2-12 about the nocturnal animals that live in North Carolina and the importance of sustaining their woodland habitat.
Come join us for a wonderfully fun and safe evening. In addition to the Enchanted Forest which is our main event, we will also feature kids friendly take home activities.


YOGA at the River
November 12, 2023
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Bring your own mat and prepare to enjoy some yoga and nature!

Santa at Phifer Cabin
with Poplar Springs Baptist Church Hand Bell Choir
Date:  December  4, 2023
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Well, to the woods anyway. This classic event is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. This FREE event offers a visit with Santa and time for you to take a picture with your camera. We have light refreshments and a craft activity to bring home. See you at the river!