Broad River Yacht Club Cardboard Boat Race

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Registration is now closed. Come join the fun and vote for the Peoples Choice!  DJ Mike Rogers starts at 10:00 a.m., Clayton McSweeney takes the stage at 2:00 ish and Down Time Habit starts at 6:00. 

Big Terry’s BBQ and Pelicans will be on hand as well!


 Get corrugated cardboard from any appliance store or big box distributors.  WE WILL PROVIDE one (1) 4 x 8 piece of double walled cardboard.  COME TO THE GREENWAY TO PICK UP YOUR FREE CARDBOARD.  Any other cardboard you will need to find.
 Boat Design: A flat bottom boat is recommended. V-shaped bottoms
are likely to tip over unless the V is very gentle.
 The lowest center of gravity is the most stable. Kneeling or standing
will cause you to tip over.
 Longer boats go faster but they are harder to turn.
 Boats shorter than 10 feet are difficult to steer.
 For height, allow 18 inches for you to sit and paddle effectively
without the edge of your boat blocking your arms. For width, figure
about 48inches for two people.
 Paint all surfaces before gluing (latex based basement primer and
carpenter’s glue works great).
 Avoid oil-based materials because the oil soaks into the cardboard,
may never dry, and weakens the cardboard.
 A 180 pound person will float in a boat that is 1ft by 1ft by 3ft.
 Forget about the glue guns because that type of glue will melt on a hot
 Duct tape shrinks when it is painted. Clear tape melts when it is
 Cover all edges of cardboard. Glue and reinforced paper works well
over edges and seams.

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