Broad River Greenway

A Place For All Seasons


Broad River Greenway

A Place For All Seasons



GREENWAY OPEN (as of 3/21/2020)
Social Distancing Protocols Are To Be Observed

HOURS ARE 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
any cars in parking area will not available until morning

Thank you for all the patience and support for the Broad River Greenway. The Town, County and Greenway Council all know and value the importance of open space and its role in giving a much needed break from our four walls at home. 

As we all navigate these uncharted waters please support our public officials who are making difficult decisions to the very best of their abilities in an effort to meet all the needs of our community. Thank you again for the love and support you give the Broad River Greenway!

Thank you
Kim Duren, Executive Director and
the Broad River Greenway Council
Updated : 3/20/2020


Meet Me at the River Work Day Cancelled.  We will reschedule as soon as group gatherings are feasible.



The 1500 acre Greenway is a great place to ride, hike or picnic and we love pets of all kinds.  However, please make sure your pet is on a leash at all times.  While your horse and/or pet maybe well behaved and great around other animals not every horse or pet is as comfortable with strangers.   For the safety of all, leashes are a must, even out on the more isolated trails.  We appreciate your understanding and assistance in making the trails at BRG fun for everyone!

Contact the Ranger, who  will provide an access code allowing you to park in the lower level parking area with your kayak, canoe or paddle board.

If you have an question or concern while riding, walking or hiking, please do not hesitate to contact Ranger Jolly at 704-434-0040.

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